Sustaining Asean's science and technology future
January-March 2016
By: Allison Sonneveld

It is perhaps too early to tell how Asean will draw on its science and technology programs in the future, but continued US capacity-building will definitely help Southeast Asia develop evidence-based resources to address shared regional issues. Science and technology tends to be a safer and less sensitive area for interaction, especially at a time when the region is facing transboundary tensions that are difficult to address.

Collaboration can contribute to a positive and sustainable future for Southeast Asia, although the best solutions will be ones that are resourced, visible and entrenched within existing Asean mechanisms. This way, as Cardin and Pongsiri argue, we can see Asean building informed Asean solutions.

Allison Sonneveld is a research officer with the Australian Army. The views expressed here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Army, or the Australian government and Department of Defense. 

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