Policy coordination and consultation in Indonesia
April-June 2015
By: Raymond Saner and Poppy S Winanti

The graph below shows the different governance mechanisms available to a government, depending on its priorities, of course, but most important on its assessment of how it can ensure efficient and effective policy coordination and policy consultation.

Source: CSEND 2009

After each renewal of a government subsequent to elections, the ensuing grace period should be actively used to reassess the current functioning of the government and to redesign the structure and functioning of the government, including reassessing what competencies (skills, knowledge, attitude) are needed to ensure the effective and efficient performance of civil servants.

Institutional reform might be useful to ensure effective and efficient PCC. Such reforms could, for instance, include the following measures: a) improving the use of policy tools, communication strategy and implementation; b) monitoring and evaluating PCC; c) improving the coordination mechanisms of the legislative departments of line ministries; d) auditing and improving financial flows, budgeting and responsibility assignments; e) reassessing the effectiveness of the record-keeping practices of ministries (criteria to designate what should be confidential and what could be made available, both within the government and among the public at large). All of this strengthens a government’s commitment to provide services to economic actors and citizens in a nondiscriminatory, transparent and accountable manner.


Effective and efficient policy coordination and policy consultation are crucial to ensuring sustained economic growth and sustained and balanced social policies. The example given in this essay pertains to trade and external and internal value chain integration. Since different elements of the supply and value chain are linked to particular Indonesian government ministries, policy mechanisms are needed to strengthen interministerial policy coordination and make policy consultation between the government and economic and civil society organizations transparent, predictable, nondiscriminatory and accessible to all stakeholders.

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