The hidden costs of broken supply chains
With tariffs so low, what's holding up cross-border trade?
October-December 2013
By: Jean-Pierre Fellenbok , Mark Gottfredson

Looking for ‘hidden’ costs

Clearly, supply chain barriers to trade are both complex and widespread. A more comprehensive approach to foreign investment decisions means recognizing costs in four important categories of the supply chain (see Figure 4). Executive teams can begin by asking some key questions relating to each category:

Market access

• Do you know how many regulatory agencies you have to deal with as you move goods into or out of your chosen market?

Emelia Ingram 10/24/2017 11:45 AM
Supply chain is an important part when it comes to economic and in the whole industry. Businesses needs to invest to their operations so that they can be more competitive but they need to monitor the supply chain of course. If they don't monitor their supply chain costings it will be a big risk for them and they will have more expense rather than having an affordable and high quality suppy chain. Learn more about supply chain costings here: BR International Supply Chain Services.
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