The SemBako of Indonesian village commerce

Attention in Indonesia’s media and upper government circles tends to focus almost exclusively on the economic power of the largest cities, particularly in regard to major projects and rising real estate prices. The latter boom dovetails with the cre

JOURNAL | COVER STORY by: Martin Schell

The forgotten hero of Indonesia's democratic transition? Military reform

It’s been 20 years since Indonesia embarked on its transition to democracy. Perhaps lost in the shuffle of that historic period was the reforms undertaken by the Indonesian Armed Forces. It’s not necessarily surprising – a lot was going

JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Lt Gen (Ret) Agus Widjojo

What's holding Indonesians back? Themselves

In a work session with professionals from diverse backgrounds, I was confronted with a question – “What did you think of our team in Jakarta?” To give a bit of context, the work session was in Amsterdam, as part of a global project where

JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Cilla Henriette

The SemBako of Indonesian village commerce

The forgotten hero of Indonesia's democratic transition? Military reform

What's holding Indonesians back? Themselves

  • More than handshake diplomacy


    “A new history begins now, at the starting point of history and the era of peace.” An optimistic sentence written by the North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, in the Peace House guest ...

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  • Giving Indonesia's natural resources back to the people


    Dollar denominated debt issues and a sliding currency are putting the bite on the Indonesian economy as it combats rupiah inflation. The fuel subsidy (for bensin and sola...

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  • English to re-enter Indonesian classrooms


    The 2012 decision to scrap English as a compulsory subject in Indonesian elementary  schools is to be reversed. Materials and advice are likely to be sourced from the Philippines.   T...

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  • New Delhi's real worry: Trump's unpredictability on Iran

    DIGITAL ARTICLE | COMMENTARIES by: Tridivesh Singh Maini

    When Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr Javad Zarif extended an invitation to Pakistan to join the ambitious Chabahar port project (about 70 kilometers from China’s ambitious Gwadar port project) duri...

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