• Border Five-O : Protecting Indonesia's territory

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Lenny Hidayat

    Entering the third year of its assessment, Indonesia’s Police Governance Index (PGI) aims to collect a greater range of data to produce better quality findings by scrutinizing internal and exter...

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  • Indonesia's next terrorist fight

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: I Gusti Bagus Dharma Agastia

    Indonesia has not been a stranger to violent extremism and terrorism in recent years. In January 2016, Bahrun Naim, an Islamic State-trained militant, orchestrated an attack against a police post in t...

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  • What's holding Indonesians back? Themselves

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Cilla Henriette

    In a work session with professionals from diverse backgrounds, I was confronted with a question – “What did you think of our team in Jakarta?” To give a bit of context, the work sess...

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  • The SemBako of Indonesian village commerce

    JOURNAL | COVER STORY by: Martin Schell

    Attention in Indonesia’s media and upper government circles tends to focus almost exclusively on the economic power of the largest cities, particularly in regard to major projects and rising rea...

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  • Korea, America and the future Asia trade strategy

    JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Charles Boustany Jr and Clara Gillispie

    The South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, or Korus FTA, is one of the United States’ most ambitious FTAs and it should rightly be strengthened, not discarded. After a painstaking six-year negotia...

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  • The forgotten hero of Indonesia's democratic transition? Military reform

    JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Lt Gen (Ret) Agus Widjojo

    It’s been 20 years since Indonesia embarked on its transition to democracy. Perhaps lost in the shuffle of that historic period was the reforms undertaken by the Indonesian Armed Forces. It&rsqu...;

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  • Missile defense dilemma for Saudi Arabia


    The Iranian nuclear deal and its missile development programme (despite sanctions), as well as the Yemen crisis where Houthi rebels used ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia targets, have only heig...

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  • Beginning of a beautiful friendship?

    DIGITAL ARTICLE | COMMENTARIES by: Tridivesh Singh Maini

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a a press conference on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the need for greater cooperation between China and India, an...

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