• Back in Asia - the US steps up its re-engagement


      Hillary Clinton ...

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  • Divine power: Faith-based mass groups take on climate change

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Ulil Amri

    Climate change has become the most important issue in the world today. The issue has already greatly affected many aspects of people’s lives: social, political, economic and cultural. Climate ch...

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  • Somali piracy: RI says enough is enough

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Maj Gen M Alfan Baharudin

    Mayday, mayday! Please help, several speed boats are coming to retake the ship!” This frantic call broke through the command rooms on Indonesian Navy vessels KRI-AHP 355 and KRI-YOS 353 at 2:10 ...

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  • Islam, Indonesia and Democracy

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Azyumardi Azra

    Over the past decade, Indonesia has increasingly been called the world’s third-largest democracy, after India and the United States. The resignation of President Soeharto following the monetary,...

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  • Indonesia in the New World

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Dominic Barton

    Indonesia has performed remarkably well during the past decade, emerging as a vibrant democracy, a strong economy and a serious player on the international stage. In this article I examine some of the...

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  • Indonesia's economy set to fly like an EAGLE

    JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Stephen Schwartz

    Indonesia has become a favorite of international investors in recent years. As evidence of this, portfolio and foreign direct investment flows have been on the rise and the economy continues to receiv...

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  • New master plan, new mindset. Next stop: 2025

    JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Hatta Rajasa

    On May 27, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono addressed the nation and outlined his strategy for achieving and sustaining a higher rate of growth for Indonesia, thereby allowing for better infrastruct...

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  • Fukushima: Learning from accidents on the nuclear road

    JOURNAL | POINT OF VIEW by: Dr Syahril

    The Fukushima disaster has brought about impacts in many aspects of global issues, some of them possibly going beyond the accident itself. While the radiological effects are actually confined within t...

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