On a humid day in early 1951, more than 12,000 former Indonesian soldiers from the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, or Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger, and their families boarded sailing ships ...

Nico Haryono

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In 2015, Europe faced its largest migration crisis since World War II. The vast majority migrants came from war-torn Syria and Iraq. Others, such as Iranians and Afghans, fled their countries to escap...

Kemal Jufri

July-Sep 2016 Read More

Young girls around the world play with dolls. This has not been lost on Rumah Boneka, an Indonesian cottage industry that makes classic wooden dollhouses. Their productions are handcrafted, colorful a...

Gabriella Ariffin

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Imagine that it’s the middle of the night and you’re asleep in your bedroom. Suddenly you wake up gasping for air. Your body is numb; you feel sick. You take a deep breath, but the room is...

Bjorn Vaughn

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  Not far from the tourist beaches of Indonesia’s Lombok island lies a key example of the nation’s long tradition of interreligious harm...

Toto Santiko

Oct-Dec 2015 Read More

The facilities at Pesantren Waria Al-Fatah, in the historic central Java city of Yogyakarta, are no different from any other small Islamic boarding school in Indonesia. There is a mosque, gathering ha...

Nico Haryono

July-Sep 2015 Read More

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