The united [`non-Western`] states of the world
January-March 2018
By: Yury Sigov

Therefore, Beijing is trying to do certain things (of course, primarily in its own interests) to make Brics more operational, and, at the same time, take control of an organization that has achieved almost nothing and has uncertain future prospects. China wants to persuade everyone that they are doing something extremely promising and showcase to the rest of the world something that doesn`t exist in practical terms: a successful and functional international organism.

Reform or disband?

Without strong and pragmatic Chinese leadership, Brics will remain toothless, amorphous and irrelevant in the international arena. And this is not in the interests of China or the other member states of this unusual union. At the same time, it is still unclear if Beijing is only ready to carry this burden in its own interests, or if it is willing to bring the other members together, leading by example.

One shouldn`t forget (and the Chinese are well aware of this) that Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa are in general completely devoid of any fresh ideas, and frankly speaking don`t envisage how this structure could really reshape the modern world and affect key international developments outside of the "collective Western world." And the issue is much more serious than a simple bureaucratic reshuffle or restructuring of this organization.

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