Promoting public health: Can fiscal policy play a role?
January-March 2015

On the other hand, it is said that public health, which we are discussing here, is 100 percent the government's responsibility. But the health sector has not defined what is public health and what is individual health. I am not surprised if [policymakers] are confused.

In the health law, there are 17 health activities from A to Q, if I’m not mistaken. But which of those 17 health activities belongs to individual health and which are public health? It is not clear, and the funding for public health from the state budget will come from tax, right?

If we ask, “Should fiscal policy be geared toward promoting public health?” isn't it already the government’s full responsibility to promote public health? If it is up to the individual, then that is not promoting public health. It’s promoting personal health care.

Grey areas in public health

We have discussed this in the Ministry of Health many times. I have said, “You have to immediately define which is public health and which is individual health.” There are still too many grey areas.

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