Editions : April-June 2018

JOURNAL | EDITOR IN CHIEF By: Dr Hassan Wirajuda

Welcome back, dear readers. As we chug along into the middle of 2018, we have no shortage of interesting topics in which to engage with you. And we hope you enjoy this issue as much as our past ones, which date back several years now.

At Strategic Review, we of course focus on the big picture, both in Indonesia and globally. Yet, the near and small are as equally vital – in particular, Indonesia’s small business growth and its impact on the country. We have a fascinating cover story that looks at how population growth and economic opportunities are changing life in Indonesia’s Central Java Province – and perhaps the rest of the country. It is a unique read from a well-informed expert on Indonesia, so don’t miss it.

Staying close to home, well, what don’t we have? Our esteemed contributors dive into a myriad of issues. First off, we look at what it means to be Indonesian, and why the country’s people can be more successful than they are today. Then we dive into the salient issue of how best to deradicalize convicted Indonesian terrorists, look closely at police reform in rural areas of the country and explore our health system after a shocking outbreak of diphtheria across the country. We also have a very interesting photo essay on a serious social problem in Indonesia – underage marriage.

Looking abroad, we have always tried to keep our readers abreast of global developments, and in this issue we aim not to disappoint. Our contributors tackle some major themes, including the state of affairs in “Eurasia,” lessons for the current crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons, tax reform in the United States and the promise of America’s new generation of “millennials.”

So please, sit back, relax and enjoy our latest edition. And don’t be shy about sending us letters with comments and suggestions. After all, debate and divergent views are what we live for, and we hope to bring that back to you with each copy of the journal.



Best regards,

Dr Hassan Wirajuda

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