Editions : October-December 2017

JOURNAL | EDITOR IN CHIEF By: Dr Hassan Wirajuda

Is it that time of year already? Time seems to fly by when you are analyzing and debating issues that are of critical importance to Indonesia and the world. Yet again, we are approaching the end of a year, but 2017 certainly has enough time left in it to continue our endless journey of discovery.

We begin by looking at a familiar yet important issue that has been written about in this journal over the years: Indonesia’s unique version of Islam. Our country is undergoing change and whatever the outcome is will impact the religion around the world, our cover story contributor argues.

Staying at home, we look at how Indonesia will be impacted by increasing turbulence in East Asia, ranging from the US-North Korea nuclear spat to the intractable South China Sea disputes. We also take a unique look at Indonesia’s economy and the need to embrace liberal economic reforms, lest it be unable to compete with other nations in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Looking abroad, we have a wide selection of essays from our contributors, starting with the potential ramifications for Asia of Thailand and India’s increasingly friendly relationship. We then examine the negative impacts of “fake news” on Asian nations and explore China’s growing prominence in philanthropy. Finally, we look across the world at the United States, where the Trump administration is facing numerous foreign policy challenges in Europe, the Middle East and, of course, Asia.

We welcome you to enjoy our final edition of the year as our team prepares for 2018, which promises more opportunities for critical analysis and debate.



Best regards,

Dr Hassan Wirajuda

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