Photo Essay
  • Basic Batik

    Photo by: Ed Wray

    One of Indonesia’s signature art forms, batik cloth dyed in colorful intricate designs often mimick­ing natural forms such as leaves, vines and animals is sought after by designers and texti...

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  • Indonesian people: A remarkable depth of culture

    Photo by: Martin Westlake

    The remarkable cultural diversity of Indonesia has inspired many foreign authors, artists and photographers. Since 1993, British photographer Martin Westlake has been documenting the diverse people of...

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  • India made in Indonesia

    Photo by: Eka Nickmatulhuda

    “Oh my God! There’s so many of them!” said a young woman who has lived in Medan for most of her life in a tone of astonishment. Before her eyes, hundreds of people were walking baref...

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  • Of birds and men

    Photo by: Dina Purita Antonio-Jufri, Kemal Jufri

    Indonesia’s long-standing romance with the feathered species is deeply rooted in its people’s socioeconomic and cultural existence. It is a thing of legends, at the core of tradition...

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  • Taking flight: Indonesia from a bird's eye view

    Photo by: Jez O'Hare

    Indonesia’s people have different ideas about birds, depending of course on where they live and what they do. An office worker or food vendor in Jakarta, for example, probably doesn’t no...

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