Photo Essay
  • Creative Coffee

    Photo by: Josh Estey

    While the phrase “creative economy” is still finding a place in the Indonesian government’s vocabulary, a group of young people are speaking it in volumes within the walls of a tradi...

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  • Here in the mountains

    Photo by: Dody Johanjaya

    Indonesia, in my humble opinion, stands above all other nations in terms of its natural beauty. That’s an explosive preposition, but I am not without evidence from “high above.” Ther...

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  • Under Indonesia

    Photo by: Hendro Hioe

    Few would argue that Indonesia has some of the most beautiful geography in the world. Sumatra’s jungles and coastlines, Java’s volcanoes and rice paddies, Bali’s beaches and sunsets,...

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  • A colorful democracy

    Photo by: Tempo Magazine

    It was the largest single-day general election in the world, so one could expect a few problems as Indonesians went to the polls to choose national and regional-level legislatures on April 9. Or mor...

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  • A volcano's fury

    Photo by: Ali Lutfi, Boy T Harjanto, Rezza Estily

    Mount Kelud has always been a sight to behold, with its rugged, forbidding peak and (now destroyed) green acidic lake. But that beauty masks a savage fury, as the volcano, located near Blitar, East Ja...

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  • Refugees in their own land

    Photo by: Dwianto Wibowo

    Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah sect is almost a people without a country. Despite being indigenous Indonesians, the national government by decree has curtailed its activities and right to worship. Religi...

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